InnoUp Farma is a company dedicated to nanotechnology innovation, that seeks to develop solutions for the administration of oral drugs. InnoUp has a technology platform, protected by international patents, based on the use of nanoparticles. One of our projects using this platform enables oral administration of anti-cancer drugs with low oral bioavailability. Another ongoing project based on our platform uses nanoparticles as an adjuvant in immunotherapy and vaccination. In addition, InnoUp also uses this technology to develop new Over The Counter (OTC) products .

In order to take advantage of the most cutting-edge research we have a network of collaborators from universities and research centers.


Nanomedicine for the future. Our goal is to become a world leader in the valuation of Drug Delivery Nanotechnology projects, supporting and promoting technology transfer between academia and the private sector, with special emphasis on the oral administration of drugs. Our efforts are mainly directed to the development of innovative formulations and their introduction into the market to create a positive impact on society. InnoUp Farma aims to help people through nanomedicine.


InnoUp Farma mission is to improve the administration of drugs through the development of more effective and safer treatments. Our goal is to identify from academia innovative research projects that address unsatisfied medical needs, and develop the products for clinical use.