InnoUp patented technology consists on a new encapsulation platform based on biocompatible nanoparticles with high bioadhesive capacity. These nanoparticles boost the oral bioavailability of drugs, so that the oral administration is possible for drugs that until now can only be administered intravenously due to their low oral bioavailability. Besides this, the nanoparticles have strong bioadhesive properties that allow them to stay more time in the intestinal wall; therefore a sustained release of the contents occurs, and the results is that a lower dose is enough to increase the effectiveness of treatment, leading to a reduction of toxicity.

Briefly, the uniqueness of this innovative system allows:

More selective and effective and therefore less toxic drugs.

Easier and cheaper to administer drugs (i.e. oral, nasal, pulmonary routes)

New drugs or therapies that would be feasible only into a nanosystem that solubilizes or protect them from degradation

Controlled Release Drug