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Innovation makes us better


To improve people’s lives by researching and developing innovative drugs based on nanomedicine.



Scientific research is full of successes and failures. We have to deal with both in our daily lives and both have to be taken on board. Some to ensure we keep on moving forward and don’t become complacent; others so as not to give up when faced with unexpected hurdles. We believe the best formula for achieving this is passion.


Our main rival is time. We have to beat it, be faster and anticipate its steps. This kind of thinking makes us a company capable of achieving great goals, both effectively and efficiently.


Our aim cannot be to build a better world at any price. We’re responsible for every step we take in creating our products. That’s why we’re a company that respects patients, employees, collaborators and also the environment.


We demand the highest standards of transparency to guarantee both our investors and the authorities that our resources are used appropriately, as well as to ensure confidentiality and protect the data of patients and collaborators.