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InnoUp patented technology consists on a new encapsulation platform based on biocompatible nanoparticles with high bioadhesive capacity, which allows them to stay more time in contact with the intestinal wall and therefore a sustained release of the content occurs.

These bioadhesive nanoparticles can be used to achieve several objectives:


To generate adjuvant capacity and a better presentation to the immune system by mucosal routes (oral, intranasal…). In this case, the platform can be used to produce vaccines as well as immunotherapeutic products to treat allergies.

To boost oral bioavailability of drugs, so that oral administration is possible for drugs that, until now, can only be administered intravenously due to their low oral bioavailability. In this case, the sustained release of the content leads to lower side effects and toxicity as a lower dose is necessary to be administered to even increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Briefly, the uniqueness of this innovative system allows:

More selective and effective and therefore less toxic drugs.
Easier and cheaper to administer drugs (i.e. oral, nasal, pulmonary routes)

New drugs or therapies that would be feasible only into a nanosystem that solubilizes or protect them from degradation

Controlled Release Drug

Moreover, one of the strengths of this technology is that it has been already scaled up to an industrial production, obtaining a validated, reproducible and continuous process that allows to produce from small to huge quantities of nanoparticles.